Friday, December 3, 2010

On Stage Today

I had an acting audition today for the first time in a while and as the waiting room grew ghostly quiet around me, you could feel the tension growing in the room. Strangely enough, it wasn't inside me. Yes, I had the butterflies, I had the fear of forgetting everything I had learnt, but I was calm... I didn't feel a single glimmer of dread! Which is, if you know me, the most peculiar thing ever. The audition was fun! It was fun to once again be able to transform into someone else, to pretend that my world was dimensions away and to live the life of a stranger. I'll confess... I like auditions! Most actors would stare at me with an intense look of disbelief, maybe even horror, but I believe auditions are chances. Chances to not only show your skill, but chances to enjoy your craft! After all, "all the world is a stage."

I inherited the acting bug from my parents and grandfather. Here are some photos from one of my mom's 1982 plays, The Golden Ring.

"Life is like a play; it is not the length that matters, but the excellence of the acting."
- Seneca (Roman Philosopher)

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