Saturday, May 21, 2011

Once Upon a Time in a Little Fantasy Shop

Once upon a time, there was a tall, bright-eyed man who owned a tiny, yet filled to the brim shop in a magical place called "the Firs" in Rosebank. His little shop was not a shop you would find just anywhere and it did not contain objects and pieces that could be seen wherever you went.

When you stood outside the door, you looked into a dark space that did not scare you, but intrigued you. There was a wire doll that welcomed you at the door wearing a white lace creation that made her look like a creature from a different world. The rows of fabric pulled you in, because you wanted to know more, you wanted to explore this treasure chest.

"Down the rabbit hole," is what crossed your mind as you tried to place where exactly you were, because here you were surrounded by full flowing dresses, jackets made out of zippers, a long, black coat with Victorian detail and a crisp white shirt you could immerse yourself in.

Luckily this little shop with the bright-eyed genius of a designer is a reality and is there for you to get lost in. The website ( explains the master of South African fashion’s designs incredibly well: “A Clive Rundle garment is not only an ultimate statement of taste and style, but also an intensely sensuous experience. You are stroked and kissed with exotic fabrics and garments of extraordinary beauty. The Clive Rundle woman is modern, chic, elegant confident and comfortable in her second skin. Her beauty is not only skin deep.”

Once upon a time in a little fantasy shop there was you. You falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, into the fairy tale that is Clive Rundle fashion, but know you knew you would find something enchanting.

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